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My Nurul Homestay, Papar, Sabah
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My Nurul Homestay - 41 km from Kota Kinabalu International Airport (KKIA) and about an hour's journey from Kota Kinabalu. The main attraction at My Nurul Homestay is the river (Garamatoi River) especially during summer. My Nurul's is located at Kg Kambizaan Papar (old KK road area). Just key in "My Nurul Homestay" in the Google Maps or Waze app and follow the routes through Kg Simpudu-Kg Kabang-Kg Kayau-Kg Kambizaan.

Surrounded by natural green plants & trees. A calm and fresh environment that will surely give visitors the tranquility. Around the village dwellers visitors can also see the clarity of the river water to show river stones and Ikan Kelah, known as Pelian in the Kadazandusun language, which will calm the souls of anyone, especially those who flee from the city's crowds.

My Nurul Homestay also provides Sulap Paluh, Sulap Tanaru and Sulap Tinata for customers who want to live in the village at affordable rates. My Nurul also provides campsites for those who want to try camping either with friends, family or colleges.

Our Team


Sulap Paluh 1 - The first Sulap built in My Nurul Homestay

My Nurul Homestay opened for visitors on September 16, 2017. The name of this homestay is taken from the owner's name Mrs Nurul Huslina Abdullah The "My" is taken from her name Mainim. My Nurul Homestay is located in Ponohuan, Kampung Kambizaan Papar. The worker is basically Mrs Nurul children themselves. Miraa the one that handles marketing and admin for all social media platforms. Kai, the one that handle the homestay with Mrs Nurul on site (My Nurul Homestay). Meer, handle both social media mainly on the video produced by under #mynurulproduction and also on site during weekends and public holiday. My Nurul Homestay also have permanent part timer worker which is Cincan, Sapik, Daniel & Mark since 2018.

The first life jacket that My Nurul Homestay provide for the guest to use on 16th September 2017

The one and only huts we have on 16th September 2017 before the other huts is build

Open stage built after few months operating

The open stage

The open stage during birthday celebration

Open table
Sulap Tanaru 1
Upgraded the open table with rainbow umbrella  (Rainbow Huts)

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