What You Need To Know About The River at My Nurul Homestay

The water from Garamatoi river is depending on the current weather. Usually it will only turns murky when it rains or if it rained the day before. During summer, the river water is clear and you can see its green-ish color from the jump deck area. Below are the photo that we took on 3 stages.

This is taken when the water is clear and you can see the color is green from this angle view. We usually update on our social media and labeled this as Green Tea cause of the color.
This is taken from the bamboo raft.

This is taken few days after the rains and the water is on its way to become clear. We labeled this one as Green Milo.

This is taken on the next day after it rains heavily. We usually labeled this as Milo on our social media update.

We strongly advised people to see our social media's update first before heading to My Nurul. Other than that, here at My Nurul Homestay the water depth on the jump deck area is deep same as the middle area. The end of the bamboo raft sides is shallow. We also have riverfront 2 which is shallow but quiet strong river current during raining seasons.


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