Steamboat & BBQ | My Nurul Homestay

Hi. It's a must for guest that came to My Nurul to have bbq with their friends and family. Why not trying out something new. You can bring your own portable gas stove and have steamboat too. You can bring your favorite soup and ingredients to cook.

Here is an example of what is easy to get and cook.

Marinated chicken and lamb
Romaine lettuce salad, mushroom
Grilled lamb and chicken
Grilled lamb with salad
Frozen food - fish balls, fish cakes, sausages
You can also choose your favorite food to cook. For now we don't have any portable gas stove for rent. But we provide public kitchen for My Nurul's guest to use. Our free facilities info are on the tab menu. You just need to bring your own food supply and cook. Usually our customers will bring instant noodles (Maggi) and eat it after they are done swimming in the river. We also have bbq area or huts for public usage (halal food only) . Free of charges. Just bring your own charcoal.